To clone my Acer One SDD disk with my modified Linpus installation to another USB HD.

October 2008

I had an available USB hard drive available, which I attatched to the Acer and a DVD reader attatched via a USB connector.

I booted from an Ubuntu live disk and when up and running, I started a terminal.

I did: "sudo gparted"

Then made sure the acer disk was unmounted and that all the partions were unmounted on the USB disk.

On the USB disk I deleted all the partitions.

Back to the Acer disk and selected the ext2 partition, clicked right and copied it.

Back to the USB disk and on the unpartitioned space I clicked right and and selected paste and left it to it.

After a quarter of an hour it had finished and I clicked on the the remaining free space and chose to create a new partition starting 100MB from the ext2 partion and format it as FAT32. This was quickly terminated.

The reason that I left 100MB in between, was that if I want to repeat the experience, all I have to do is delete the Linpus partion and when pasting next time there will be adequate space.

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