Using Firefox Betas with the default installation

For Ubuntu Intrepid. Oct 2008;

Download the alpha or beta Firefox to the directory of your choice:
Open a file manager and click right on the compressed file and open with an archive manager and extract to the same folder.
Open a terminal and type:
sudo name_of_file_manager ¬
enter you password ¬
with the file manager, copy the firefox folder to /opt
Close file manager & terminal.
Create a launcher/ desktop_icon to /opt/firefox/firedfox
In a terminal type:
firefox -ProfileManager
Add a new profile and name it something like Firefox_beta.
Do not tick "do not start at startup"
Make sure you use Default for the default installation of Firefox and Firefox_beta for the beta or you will start up all the compatibility checks which is boring.
When all your addons are eventually compatible, bye bye the old version and hello the next alpha etc.

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