My Notes on configuring Icewm on my new installation of Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex; Oct 2008

¬ means tap enter on the keyboard.
~ means the folder /home/username

Install using the command (sudo apt-get install icewm ¬) or using the synaptic installer.
Logout and when the Login presents itself > Options > Sessions, and choose icewm.

Create folder ~/.icewm:
mkdir ~/.icewm ¬
where you can put all the config files.

menumaker Search for it at and then compile it:
cd folder_that_contains_tar.gz_file ¬
tar xvf menumaker*.tar.gz ¬
cd menumaker* ¬
./configure ¬
make ¬
sudo make install ¬
To run it:
mmaker -f icewm ¬
and it makes a very complete menu
or you can configure the ~/.icewm/menu file by hand. I put my choices in the ~/.icewm/taskbar file

startup create a file ~/.icewm/startup which can contain:
update-notifier & (this put the updates at the bottom right when there are some)
nautilus & (starts nautilus, see winoptions. to get DropBox backup and sync going and gives a screen background with icons etc)
kmix & (volume control!!)
gnome-settings-daemon & ( lets gnome control the window settings as icewm doen't seem to be able)
Or any other program that you want to start on startup. Don't forget to put & after each line so that the following line can be read.

taskbar file at ~/.icewm/taskbar contains for example:
prog "Firefox" "firefox" firefox
prog "Picasa" "picasa" /opt/picasa/bin/picasa
prog "Audacious" "audacious" audacious

menu "WEB" "-" {
prog "Pidgin" "pidgin" pidgin
prog "Gftp" "gftp" gftp
prog "Quanta" "quanta" quanta

prog "Kpm" "kpm" xfce4-taskmanager
prog indicates a program launcher and menu indicates a folder containing other program launchers.
"Description_of_launcher" visible as a tool tip if an icon not indicated or found
"system_name_of_icon" If icewm doesn't find an icon you can collect a folder of your own and indicate the path in the preference file
command_name_of_program If its in the path just the name is necessary, if not the full name for example /opt/firefox/firefox. If the is a file to open as well follow the command with a space then the adress of the file for example /home/name_of_user/Documents/ Diary.txt

preferences file at ~/.icewm/preferences contains:
Is a very large file found at:
Copy this file into your ~/.icewm folder and open it up with a text editor.
Lines preceded with # are not included, so if you delete the hashes where you want preferences to be taken into account with 0 meaning diabled and 1 meaning enabled.
I prefer my windows not to rise to the top when I am using them, and that only when the mouse is over the current window will it be in focus.

winoptions file at ~/.icewm/winoptions contains:

themes can be copied into this folder /usr/share/icewm/themes using
sudo mkdir /usr/share/icewm/themes/name_of_theme ¬
cd /home/user_name/name_of_theme_directory ¬
sudo cp * /usr/share/icewm/themes/name_of_theme/ ¬
if you have a home made one
or install icewm-themes using synaptic
then > start menu > settings > themes and choose one.

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